Tiny Tale #6

23 April 2010, Friday

“Are you crazy?” Sheetal pulled out the love letter from my hand and dragged me to the lobby and then to old staircase.

“Love is a crazy thing Sheetal” I told her. She didn’t seem to understamd any of it.

“He is your damn professor! How can you say you love him? Its just a crush. Infatuation.”

I laughed. “No. I know what crush is. Crush is what i felt for that hot senior last year. He is gone. Crush gone. But not this. I love-“

“Ugh stop! Jaanvi, Grow up.”

Sheetal have always been like a elder sister, always understanding. But today she didn’t seem to realize my feelings.

Sheetal warned me for upteenth time before leaving. I went back to my class. I couldn’t miss the chance to shamelessly adore, stare and fall in love with him all over again.

Among the students who were dozing off in last bench, students jotting down pointers in first row, students whispering and also concentrating on the lecture in middle rows, I found herself trapped in what is called as love.

19 March 2016

“Jaanu!! Congratulations” Prerna, her childhood friend, hugged her.

The glitters, music and smell of variety of food filled the huge garden. Flowers, white decors were customized to match her purple-white gown.

“Jaanu!!” sheetal, who had just landed hours ago rushed to the venue. “You are married already! Ahhh am sooo happy for you” Jaanu hugged her back.

“Where is Sid? Shouldn’t you both stand together to pose for pictures??” Sheetal asked scanning the crowd for Jaanvi’s husband.

Jaanvi chuckled. “He just went to restroom. Ah, there he is!”

Siddhart walked towards the stage wearing an armaani suit complimenting Jaanvi’s attire. He smiled at Sheetal before standing next to Jaanvi.

Sheetal smiled and hugged them both.
“Am glad 6 years ago you didn’t give that love letter to your professor.” sheetal whispered to jaanvi and placed the old crushed paper in her hand before disappearing in the crowd.

“What was she saying?” Sid asked.
Unknowingly, Sheetal had brought lot of memories of her college days. The crushes, lectures and him.

“I didn’t tell you something.” Jaanvi said fiddling with the love letter she once wrote to her professor.

Sid asked what was it?

Jaanvi sighed before giving him the paper and excused herself to restroom.

Dear Sir,

I love you.

…. And um, can you call you Sid? Siddharth is too big pronounce you know.

Jaanu( your student!)

There was a huge blush in Siddharth’s face when Jaanvi made it back.

“Really?” he asked

Jaanu nodded. “Am glad i didn’t give it to you then. I would have missed meeting you again”

“Am glad too. I got a chance to propose to you first!”


9 thoughts on “Tiny Tale #6

      1. It did also it made me pass his class with flying colors.. Only problem I never wrote a letter nor did I have any courage to tell him. Jus few days ago my heart broke when he sent his wedding pic.. 😥

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh, sorry to hear that! 🙁 life is really unfair at times. I hope you’ve recovered from that by now. One day you’ll be able to look back and be happy at the way things have worked out 😉😊

        Liked by 1 person

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