Tiny lines

I had watched myself cry
I had survived the shatters of my heart
I had held my breath and glad i lived
I had hated you, loved you and hated you some more

Amidst break ups and patchs up
I realized my value on your life
May be its something even you don’t know yet
Because you never held me back
Because losing me or having me was just a passing phase

Like every tides that returns to shore
I came back, left again and came back again.
My mistake was that i tested you
Your fault was you never cared to pass

Today the feelings linger inside me
Wanting to be freed.
I have caged it, no matter how much it struggles, it shall always be locked.
I don’t have the key, nor do you.

What i always wished is,
You try,
To give me little space in your life
Which i kept fighting to find.
Its too late now.
I have found my peace
I wish you do too…


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