Bengaluru Diaries #01

24.10.2016 I have experienced nostalgia every now and then. But it was different that day. I walked familiar path from BTM layout AXA signal towards Silk board. Some kind of mixed feelings was in for me.  Back I’m April, I walked the same path towards my new destination. My first job. Defenitly not the kind … More Bengaluru Diaries #01

Random click #17

Hi guys..  After a long time uploading pictures..  Still an amateur photographer though 😀 You discard me as a weed; But am the prettiest among my peers. 

Tiny lines #28

Your indifference, Your inconsiderate attitude,  You being unaffected by my feelings,  Your fake promises,  Your issues that you never share,  Your stupid excuses,  And all of your fake expression of love,  I will forget you.  Because you aren’t worth remembering,  You are now just a nightmare of my life. 

Haiku #06

It’s such an irony,  We expect the one we love to care for us.  We neglect the one who had always been looking after you. 

Tiny lines #27

When your feelings are your weakness,  Hide them behind your smile.  When your thoughts become your enemy, Hide them behind your busy schedules. When your love hurts you the most,  Kill it and find something new to love.  But then again,  Hiding is the worst pain to endure! It’s better to forget it and let … More Tiny lines #27

Tiny lines #26

What was it that I thought love? He came. He blamed. He left.  Silly mistakes.  Feelings behind harsh words hardly seen.  And then it was time for revenge.  Why is it so hard to realize he was just messing with you?  Why can’t you see he doesn’t care?  Why trust those lies?  I wonder who … More Tiny lines #26