Tiny lines #27

When your feelings are your weakness, 

Hide them behind your smile. 

When your thoughts become your enemy,

Hide them behind your busy schedules.

When your love hurts you the most, 

Kill it and find something new to love. 

But then again, 

Hiding is the worst pain to endure!

It’s better to forget it and let it go. 

Until you find the courage to do so,

Keep them hidden…


6 thoughts on “Tiny lines #27

  1. Each line of your poem touched me from the inside. I remembered the love which I lost, I remembered how loving once again was equally beautiful. But the saddest part is that losing love hurts every time equally, if not more.
    In my life I learnt to love again but failed to learn how to forget one.
    But beyond all, I really liked this poem 🙂

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