Bengaluru Diaries #01


I have experienced nostalgia every now and then. But it was different that day. I walked familiar path from BTM layout AXA signal towards Silk board. Some kind of mixed feelings was in for me. 
Back I’m April, I walked the same path towards my new destination. My first job. Defenitly not the kind of thing I had graduated for. 
But there was a sense feel-good in my heart and mind. For next four months it became my routine. Early morning at around 8.30AM or sometimes little after 9.00AM I would walk through the broken path skipping the puddles, jumping over broken road, escaping from vehicles that usually take foot path instead of main road, passing by Pizza Hut and wishing everyday “Gosh I wish I can have pizza today! “. It was simple. It was satisfying. 

But walking back to my PG wasn’t the same. I was exhausted, I was constant reminded of why this new destination wasn’t my destination at all.  Late evening after 8.00PM everyday, I found myself wondering how different my life could than today? 

It was different today. 

I had quit my job. 

I wouldn’t have to take the same path again everyday to the least. 

I don’t have to stare at those IT Techies waiting for their cabs to arrive. 

I don’t have to drool over pizza or Biriyani.

I don’t have to curse those two wheeler riders who love to drive in foot path. 

I don’t have to stop by Pani puri wala to have some gol gappa everyday. 

That’s nostalgia. 

Since it’s Bengaluru, it was the first nostalgia I had experienced here. 

With just 4 months of work experience, I decided to look for something else. 

Good thing is Bengaluru has it all. 

Every kind of job. 

Every kind of opportunity. 

How lucky I am,  is what am yet to find out. 


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