Introducing… Beyond Words


Hey guys!

Since you all have been so great and encouraging, I feel you would give me the same support in my new blog as well.

This one is pretty much different from everything I have ever written.

How would it be to write something in between Fiction and Non-Fiction?

How would it be analyzing and penning down your feelings exactly the way you experienced it?

How would it be to write something based on your life?

Thats what Beyond Words is about.

Its not completely what happened in my life, its not completely different from my life either. Balancing between my experiences and my imagination, I have created a Journal.

Why not write it here? Because This blog is my Fantasy, my sanctrum and my world. But, Beyond words is myself. That’s why, I can’t update it.

So Please check out->

Do Follow “beyond words” blog for further updates.

Hope you would spread the word about my new blog as well πŸ™‚

-With Loads of Luv

Nams! πŸ™‚


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