The Letter I would Never Send.

Hello Friend,

Past few months, I have been blaming myself more than blaming you. It would have been easier to put all the fault on you and I could escape from this misery. But it isn’t. Every time I blame you for what happened, I blame myself too.

The men I have met in my life, have all proved me that I shouldn’t trust them, shouldn’t lean on them, shouldn’t love them. But you were different. Because you were a friend, A gentlemen who took care of me. But what happened?

One incident and am questioning your every move, every word you said, every thing you did. Would it have been easier if I wasn’t stupid? Would it have been easier if I wasn’t blindly trusting you? Would it have been easier if I just voiced my feelings? Told you that I wasn’t comfortable? Voiced my rejection? Or may be kicked you in the shin?

May be it would. But I didn’t. I would never tell you this in person. I would never see you again. I ain’t that strong, not yet.

But, hear me here.

You were a jerk. A man hiding behind the mask of being nice. A man who scarred a girl for life. A man who broke a girl’s trust. A man who was a worst nightmare.

I don’t want to curse you, But I will tell you this, If ever you meet a naive girl like me, a vulnerable, a sad eyed broken girl, please don’t take advantage of her situation. She deserves comfort not a scar that could burn her for life.

That’s said, I will see you may be one fine day, and when I do, Be prepared. Your cheeks might hurt bad.

With worst Regards,
The Girl who trusted you.


5 thoughts on “The Letter I would Never Send.

    1. True. When everyone you meet in your life ends up betraying your trust, well, let’s just say you will lose the ability to trust anyone. You will lose the ability to go with the flow and question every action and every word you hear thinking there might be hidden motive behind it.

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