Haiku #11

Lost in lonely road,  Can you find me?  Fighting my inner demons,  Can you save me?  Look it’s the sunshine!  Wait, don’t let the night find me! 

Tiny Lines #33

As I count numbers  Waiting for sleep to embrace me,  Hoping there would be a better dream..  I hear the evil laughter..  Soon the darkness consumes me., I still don’t know, If am dead or asleep. 

Tiny Tale #8

She: “you have got the wrong number!” He: “Not possible! I memorized right. Look, stop playing and call Jimmy” She: “If you don’t hang up, the only person I will be calling is cops! ” Line disconnected. He: “Hey, is Jimmy there? ” She: “Oh god! Not you again!! ” He: “It’s you again!” Line … More Tiny Tale #8

Tiny Lines #32

Tick tock tick  The time races But the fate is smirking somewhere,  Devoid of expression I walk.. Click clock click  The days fade away,  But I haven’t moved! Rim Jim Rim, The first Rain kiss earth  I wait for life to consume me..  It doesn’t.  I am still here.  Nowhere. 


Love is still an Enigma to me.  Shall I believe it exists?  Shall I expect a fairytale of my own?  I always wonder why there are no love stories in my family/relatives. May be its there, I can’t see it?  Among all these chaos and celebrations on this day.  I hate to admit I have … More Enigma

Tiny Lines #31

To the stars and glitters that shine, To the colors and wings that fly,  To the cherries and berries that beautify,  Come and greet me while I am awake See me smile and take a step forward.. The wind cannot push me away this time,  For am standing stronger than I ever was!