Tiny Tale #8

She: “you have got the wrong number!”

He: “Not possible! I memorized right. Look, stop playing and call Jimmy”

She: “If you don’t hang up, the only person I will be calling is cops! ”
Line disconnected.

He: “Hey, is Jimmy there? ”

She: “Oh god! Not you again!! ”

He: “It’s you again!”
Line disconnected.

She: “You really need to stop calling me. ”

He: “I wish. But you know the only number I remember is yours.”

She: “What should I do for you to stop calling me? ”

He: “Find Jimmy!!”

She: “How am I supposed to do that? ”

He: “Just check your high school slam book”

She: “Why? ”

He: “To find Jimmy.”

She: “Why will Jimmy be in my slam book? ”

He: “Because I wrote it!! ”

She: “wait.. Who is Jimmy? ”

He: “You.”

She: …

He: “….Atleast that’s what I called you when we were kids..”


Something I wrote for time pass. I know it’s stupid. But hey! At least someone found his lost childhood friend again 😂

How many of you surprise your old friends like that? 

How many of you are in contact with your childhood friends? 


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