Coffee Date-A Wattpad Novel

Yet again shamelessly promoting my Wattpad Novel. πŸ˜›


What do you when your parents decide to get you married but you cringe at even the thought of it?

What do you do when you have dreams and goals of your own but marriage is the least of your worries?

Tara Prasad when faced with one such ordeal, plots all sorts of plan to get out of the whole set up. Driven by absolute madness and rebellion, she has to find a way that wouldn’t end up with her being the bride!

But what she didn’t know was, Rehaan Naik, was the most eligible bachelor in town who was all set to marry her, with his own will, mind and soul! Her bizarre attempt to make him withdraw from the whole set up, only ends up with him being more inclined at marrying her.

Will Tara be able to reject the man who hates rejections? And then there is a something about him. A mystery , A missing piece of a puzzle which she keeps stumbling upon. What would he be hiding from her?

Why was he so adamant on marrying her when she has no interest in? Why is that his eyes makes her weak on her knees? Would she be able to overcome her inhibitions and marry him? or would she be successful in making him shove her away from his life and the marriage her parents were imposing on her?


You can find the story here-> Coffee Date


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