Tiny Lines #52

What hurts the most is,  Not the separation..  Not even the emptiness.. Defenitly not broken heart..  It’s the fact that, The person who once said- I can’t live without you  Is happy without you,  So much happier than you have ever seen..  So happy with the someone else That hurts.  As depressing and shameless it … More Tiny Lines #52

Tiny Lines #51

There is a secret to life, That can bring hope to you, That can rebuild your shattered heart, That can make you live again! It’s a simple secret, Which we all know, But we never think about it! The secret is the smile; A smile has a power to change. Just smile when your sad, … More Tiny Lines #51

Tiny Lines #50

There is a little sunshine After every sunset.. There is a little hope After every loss.. There is a little wish After every disappointment.. Just like that, There is life, Even after death..