Tiny Lines #58

Let’s dance in the rain, Let’s smile in the pain, Let’s wish in the despair, Let’s laugh in the anguish, Let’s rejoice in the success, Let’s, just live a little, Life is too short to regret..!  

Tiny Lines #57

Don’t look out for the cars that pass by, He won’t drive to your way! Don’t search for the familiar face in crowd, He won’t be near you! Don’t stare at his name in your chat, He won’t be sending any messages to you! Don’t wait for him, He won’t come to you! Because, he … More Tiny Lines #57

Tiny Lines #55

Let the bygones, be bygones Let the mistakes, take a backseat Let the sadness, halt for a while Let the nightmares, go on a vacation Let the darkness, fade away Let the disappointments, take a break. For it’s a new year! A new chance to start afresh, A new option to correct ourselves, A new … More Tiny Lines #55