Frantic | Daily Post #5

Daily post #5 Todays Prompt: Frantic   My frantic heart, yearns for your smile. My chaotic life, seeks for your hug. My hectic schedule, looks for your name. My cynic mind, craves for your excuses. And my timid soul, loses itself in your absence. -Nams

Tiny Lines #78

Hello, Today, as a part of some contest, I wrote this. The theme was depression, hence, I wrote a poem addressing what a depression does to a person.   .Depression. It scratches your soul, Like scribbles in notebook.. It tears your pride, Like broken pieces of glass.. It gnaws your mind, Like rat munching on … More Tiny Lines #78

Tiny Lines #76

If he ever shines up in the sky Let me be the one in his shadow. If he ever showers down like a rain Let me be the rainbow that follows him. If he ever sings like a bird, Let me be the tune in his song. If he ever bursts like a tide in … More Tiny Lines #76

Invisible | Daily Post #5

Daily Post #5 Todays Prompt: Invisible   I have watched you always, In the shadows. I have crossed your path, With lame excuses. I have walked beside you, In the rains. I have brushed your shoulders, In the crowd. Yet, I am still an invisible being, In your eyes.   -Nams    

Tiny Lines #74

Little smile, Can change your world. Little favor, Can change their world. Little success, Can bring change in the world. Little hatred, Can ruin the world. And little love, Can unite the universe. -Nams