I Dream To..

I Dream to write a love story A kind of a story that makes its Reader wonder, “Aw! I wish somebody loved me like that! ” I Dream to write such a love story.

Back to life

It was summer when I first saw that tree in front of my window.. It wasn’t lonely.. It had a company standing bright next to it.. It wasn’t sad.. There was always someone watering it’s roots.. But it was empty.. No leaves.. Hardened branches.. I wondered would it die? The tree next to it always … More Back to life


Love is still an Enigma to me.  Shall I believe it exists?  Shall I expect a fairytale of my own?  I always wonder why there are no love stories in my family/relatives. May be its there, I can’t see it?  Among all these chaos and celebrations on this day.  I hate to admit I have … More Enigma

She hates birthdays.

There was once a girl who loved Birthdays. She would jump in excitement a month before. She would pester her mother to buy her a cute dress. She would tell everyone.. She would expect everyone to remember the date and wish her. She would take her mother to different shops until she finalized two dresses. … More She hates birthdays.

I Am Scared.

A/N : Haven’t proofread or checked for grammar/spelling mistakes. Writing this was nightmare, reading it again, i don’t have strength. Please bare with me and read it inspite of errors. Excerpts From My Diary… October 13, 2015 Just 43 days back i came back home (Mangalore) from Bangalore. After completing my final year exams in … More I Am Scared.