Shine with me

Shine with me … More Shine with me


Best Friends

Best Friends Talks and jokes, Like a crazy prankster, We spent hours together! Exams and seminars, Like an imperfect perfectionist, We handled it better! Chits and doodles Like jobless jacks, We spoke crazy banter. Silent and sad, Like a cold war, We misunderstood the other. Calls and messages, Like an emergency, We patched up however. … More Best Friends

Tiny Lines #2

It was difficult when i saw a nightmare. Good thing was that, i knew it was a dream What made me strong was that, I knew when i woke up it will all be gone, But then i realized, It wasn’t a dream, The nightmare was my life.

Tiny Lines #1

There is a day after every day. When i just want the life back on track. Sometimes, I am clueless. Sometimes, I know exactly what i am doing. Most the times, I just believe, May be it’s not off track. May be this is the right track! 

Loving you

Time spent with you are the one’s that i treasure the most Time spent loving you are the one’s that makes me dream Time spent missing you are the one’s that i will never regret Because, my love, Missing you in itself is a pleasure.

Hold my hand

If you are sad, Hold my hand. If you want to cry, Hug me tight. If you want to be happy Fill my life If you want me, Just kiss me love

I miss you

It’s been a day since i last saw you And i know i won’t see you for months. You know, i miss you and i need you. But I know, the country needs you more, You are the soldier, the protector Am your wife, your lover forever.