Random Click #24

The clouds told me “Have a good day” And then they turned Into soft dark smudge Like a canopy of Dozzy dizzy mood! Nothing is permanent in life. Even the sun that rises in morning sets in the evening and the clouds that sails in the sky changes its shape. What are you? A mere … More Random Click #24

Random click #17

Hi guys..  After a long time uploading pictures..  Still an amateur photographer though 😀 You discard me as a weed; But am the prettiest among my peers. 

Random click #16

When my sweetheart decides she is tired of playing hide and seek 😂😂 I am not sure if dogs are man’s best friend, they are certainly a girl’s angel ❤

Random click #15

My little diary. Pages nd pages of random nothings. And then i stopped at something that defines my pen-name: Sunshine Bliss. Kudos to you if you could read through it. P.S: Am definitely not fan of my handwriting 😂 When old pages makes sense, you know the meaning of yourself.