As I stood there unmoved by his confession, I could see the future, where he may never come. Do I need it? When he started walking away with his shoulders stooped low, I knew, the cool guy I fell in love with was hiding somewhere deep within him. I couldn’t call him. My voice seemed … More Choice

Seeing You

Stalking was injurious to health. It was acknowledged as cheap behaviour and sometimes he crossed the line and was tagged as “Creepy” “despo” and what not! But he would never be bothered with such bull shit. He never tried to search her on facebook (well he didn’t know her name to begin with!), he didn’t follow her, ever! ( he was always afraid to be caught). He never spoke to her! (does dreams count?). … More Seeing You

Let go

you can’t let go of your love until you decide to. you can’t forget until you forgive. Likewise, Letting go of love that defines you, needs time.

If it’s meant to be, it will find its way! … More Let go