Tiny Lines #76

If he ever shines up in the sky Let me be the one in his shadow. If he ever showers down like a rain Let me be the rainbow that follows him. If he ever sings like a bird, Let me be the tune in his song. If he ever bursts like a tide in … More Tiny Lines #76

Tiny Lines #74

Little smile, Can change your world. Little favor, Can change their world. Little success, Can bring change in the world. Little hatred, Can ruin the world. And little love, Can unite the universe. -Nams

Tiny Lines #70

Smell of old books, Rustle of that huge tree, Aroma from mothers kitchen, Rustic gates that continues to creek, And the happy space of her room, Nostalgia is what she felt, When she stepped into her mother’s home.. And to leave everything behind for her husband, Was something she was still getting used too..!