Tiny Lines #56

Lets live for some happiness, Lets smile for some kindness, Lets dance for some madness, Lets hope for some love, Because, Life is too short for some sadness! Advertisements

Tiny Lines #55

Let the bygones, be bygones Let the mistakes, take a backseat Let the sadness, halt for a while Let the nightmares, go on a vacation Let the darkness, fade away Let the disappointments, take a break. For it’s a new year! A new chance to start afresh, A new option to correct ourselves, A new … More Tiny Lines #55

Tiny Lines #52

What hurts the most is,  Not the separation..  Not even the emptiness.. Defenitly not broken heart..  It’s the fact that, The person who once said- I can’t live without you  Is happy without you,  So much happier than you have ever seen..  So happy with the someone else That hurts.  As depressing and shameless it … More Tiny Lines #52

Tiny Lines #51

There is a secret to life, That can bring hope to you, That can rebuild your shattered heart, That can make you live again! It’s a simple secret, Which we all know, But we never think about it! The secret is the smile; A smile has a power to change. Just smile when your sad, … More Tiny Lines #51

Tiny Lines #50

There is a little sunshine After every sunset.. There is a little hope After every loss.. There is a little wish After every disappointment.. Just like that, There is life, Even after death..

Tiny Lines #49

It takes a real man to face your scars, It takes more than courage to accept your past, It takes true love to never let go of your hand, And such a man, is hard to find. But you will! Because he will be your destiny, And everybody else were just by-passers.