Tiny Tale #8

She: “you have got the wrong number!” He: “Not possible! I memorized right. Look, stop playing and call Jimmy” She: “If you don’t hang up, the only person I will be calling is cops! ” Line disconnected. He: “Hey, is Jimmy there? ” She: “Oh god! Not you again!! ” He: “It’s you again!” Line … More Tiny Tale #8

Tiny Tale #7

Her : “Do you think our love will remain like this forever? ” Him : “No. ” Her : “No?!? ” Him : “We may fight more, argue on everything and we might even hate each other” Her : “Then what do we do now?” Him : “Let’s marry.” Her :”…..” Him : “Because whatever … More Tiny Tale #7

She hates birthdays.

There was once a girl who loved Birthdays. She would jump in excitement a month before. She would pester her mother to buy her a cute dress. She would tell everyone.. She would expect everyone to remember the date and wish her. She would take her mother to different shops until she finalized two dresses. … More She hates birthdays.

Tiny Tale #6

23 April 2010, Friday “Are you crazy?” Sheetal pulled out the love letter from my hand and dragged me to the lobby and then to old staircase. “Love is a crazy thing Sheetal” I told her. She didn’t seem to understamd any of it. “He is your damn professor! How can you say you love … More Tiny Tale #6

Tiny tale #5

Storm continued its groans, but the night was still young. As she lay in dark she wondered if every night would be the same.. ” What if he never comes back? What if he dies?” her best friend had once asked her. She wondered if she could answer that question tonight. When she fell in … More Tiny tale #5

Tiny Tale #4: Woman

Her job didn’t leave her free, it always took all of her time. Crawling back tired and drained, she sat by the window and stared at the kids downstairs. They were jumping, smiling, laughing and running. Childhood was always fun for boys, she thought. Why not true? Parents gave them extra time, forgave them for … More Tiny Tale #4: Woman

Tiny Tale #1

Guy : “Can i talk to you?” *Girl looks up from her book* Girl : “No” Guy : “Can i sit here?” Girl : “No.” Guy : “Look at me.” Girl : “No” Guy : “Will you marry me?” *Girl looks up from her book again* Girl : “No” Guy : “Do you hate┬áme?” Girl … More Tiny Tale #1