Tiny Lines #70

Smell of old books, Rustle of that huge tree, Aroma from mothers kitchen, Rustic gates that continues to creek, And the happy space of her room, Nostalgia is what she felt, When she stepped into her mother’s home.. And to leave everything behind for her husband, Was something she was still getting used too..!

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Tiny Lines #68

These walls are dark, Let me out! These pain is unbearable, Just stop please! These voices are disturbing, Do not scream! These emotions aren’t mine, Do something! Just like always, I continue to cry.. Just like always, I fail to hear.. Just like always, I ignore.. Just like always, I suppress myself.. Just like always, … More Tiny Lines #68

Tiny Lines #66

Memories are treasures; It lives within you, Around you.. Even in the ruins, Or can be found, In the new things as well.. Memories are treasures; Treasure them, Before they disappear.. Deep under the sea of life!

Tiny Lines #64

Sometimes I just wish To be left alone.. Sometimes I just wish, Nobody leaves me alone.. Sometimes I just wish, To be somebody else.. Sometimes I just wish Nobody finds me, Sometimes I just wish To be happy, Sometimes I just wish I am, me.